A 35-year-old Iowa man who had been retweeting Pete Buttigieg related content for weeks is rethinking his support for the presidential hopeful after learning he’s been pronouncing his name wrong this entire time.

Des Moines resident Dan Lowry said this weekend that he still likes a lot of what the South Bend mayor has been saying on the campaign trail, but he feels like his whole world is upside down after learning his last name is pronounced “BOOT-edge-edge” and not “Butt-i-gig” as he previously assumed.

“Maybe he’s still a good guy,” Lowry said. “But now I feel like I don’t even know him. Do I even know myself, really?”

Reporters asked Lowry, who may now be leaning toward Joe Biden, how he pronounced “Beto,” “Kamala” and “Klobuchar,” but he asked for some space so he could deal with one thing at a time.