New bombshell voter fraud accusations show millions of voters may have taken ballots, voted for Joe Biden for president then proceeded to turn in those ballots.

These new accusations indicate why Biden was able to receive millions more votes than Trump in several key states. Had millions of people not taken ballots, voted for Biden and then turned those ballots in, Trump would have easily won the election.

“You see these things going on in many states,” Trump said Friday. “Terrible things. Millions and millions of voters taking ballots – they just take them, they go to their polling places and take them – and they vote for Biden, sleepy Joe I call him, and then they go and they turn the ballots in. Millions did this in Democrat cities. Atlanta, Milwaukee, Arizona. Democrat cities. And no one did anything. It’s a disgrace. These votes took place everywhere. If you just count the ballots that voted for me, I win easily. Easily will the election. By a landslide, a landslide like we’ve never seen before. It’s incredible really. Like in Florida, Ohio. Ohio they love me. I mean, we brought Big Ten back. They love their Big Ten football, Buckeyes. They’re probably a playoff team with their quarterback Justin Fields, a great quarterback him and Trevor Lawrence two terrific quarterbacks sometimes it’s hard to say who is better Fields or Lawrence both coming from great states Ohio and South Carolina. No voter fraud there. We love those states, don’t we? But these other states. Voter fraud.”

Trump’s legal team is expected to challenge the 79 million votes of people that took ballots, voted for Biden and turned ballots in.