A local man’s entire personality is threatened, as advancements in COVID vaccines and Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration will eliminate all the things he complains about endlessly.

Mike Brakeman, 30, has almost exclusively talked about his hatred for Donald Trump and his judgement toward people who aren’t staying inside their homes to isolate from coronavirus. In the year 2020 especially, his entire brand on social media has been raising alarms about COVID and how the election was the most important election of our lifetime.

But with the Trump presidency about to be in rearview and the COVID vaccine on the way, he isn’t sure who he is anymore.

“I need to find new complaints, and I must find them soon,” Brakeman said. “Or I could find hobbies. I’ve heard people like sports, or to laugh. Those are options if no bad things anger me soon. Really I just need to figure out who I am.”

The Hamster has also recommend to Brakeman to try cooking, exercising or reading books.