After a Starbucks cup was inadvertently left in a Game of Thrones scene earlier this season, the coffee giant has asked that its products not be included in the upcoming finale.

“While we appreciate that Daenerys Targaryen enjoys a PSL before battle as so many of us do,” a spokesperson said in a statement released Wednesday, “we respectfully ask that that all Starbucks products be left out of the season finale.” 

Sources with Starbucks say CEO Kevin Johnson has told his board “there isn’t enough coffee in the world to extinguish the dumpster fire this show has become” and he’s concerned the millions of people watching – if unfamiliar with the Starbucks brand already – could get a negative opinion of it.

At this time, Starbucks has not responded to requests for further comment. Likewise, producers of the show have not confirmed if they will replace Starbucks with Dunkin.