Sources confirmed to the Hamster Thursday afternoon that a local white family does indeed plan to make tacos today, what with it being Cinco de Mayo and all.

The Mahoney family wasn’t sure what to have for dinner. Kathy Mahoney, the mother, made pork chops last night and was planning spaghetti for Thursday. Once she saw that the calendar said May 5th, though, she knew exactly what to make.

“Even though it’s not Tuesday, we’re gonna go with a little taco action,” Kathy said, making finger gun motions with her hands. “It can get a little messy with the kids spilling ground beef all over the floor and all, but it’s a lot of fun too. We love celebrating Mexican new year or whatever.”

The Hamster can also confirm that the rest of the Mahoney’s block – all white families – are making tacos as well.