A new study released Thursday found that there are very few if any real reasons to ever get out of bed before noon, “if we’re being honest, like seriously” sleep scientists said, adding “I mean, what’s the point?”

Their study looked at the effects of waking up between 6 a.m. and 11:59 a.m., and the effects of waking up after. The study found that those who woke up in the p.m. hours were overall happier with their days and decisions. Those who woke up in the a.m. were bogged down with things like their “job” or “kids.”

“We recommend to all to make sure they are sleeping in until at least noon,” the report concluded. “We also recommend starting your day with a mimosa before spending at least the first three hours of your afternoon on your couch before taking a necessary 4 p.m. nap.”

The report also suggested those who get less than 13 hours of sleep daily might be at risk for health complications and being in a generally shitty mood.