A local man’s TikTok binge during an otherwise uninteresting midday poop has totally derailed his workday.

Kirk Rumner, 35, took his usual post coffee, post lunch 30 minute potty break Thursday when his TikTok For You Page prolonged the break. What was normally an innocently long mental break turned into a lost day or productivity, leaving his coworkers emails and Slack messages unanswered.

“I lost track of time,” Rumner said after the four hour bathroom excursion. “First it was some mischievous cat videos, then a couple prank videos, an occasional dance, then places to eat in Boston. I don’t know why I was even intrigued. I’ve never even been to Boston.”

Despite missing seven emails, several chats and a Zoom meeting, Rumner confirmed all is well as none of it was actually important.