An intern at Netflix well into his second month on the job is threatening to log off early today if Dave Chappelle’s most recent special is not removed from the platform.

Nick Bregston, 22, is outraged at the special, which he refuses to watch on principal. After hearing on Twitter the bigoted and transphobic things that might have been in the special, he decided to take a stand by liking several tweets. Now, he is taking it a step further.

“I’m not going to give this company a full workday,” Bregston said. “We need to take a stand. If Netflix is going to platform hate speech, I won’t be available from 4-5 p.m. today. At least 4:30 for sure. I might check emails, but I’m definitely not going to give 100 percent after 4:45. We need to send a message.”

Netflix has not yet commented on Bregston’s stance, and reportedly isn’t quite sure who he is.