After decades of strife teaching young children the alphabet, national letter leaders have decided to officially added “elemeno” to the alphabet and kick out letters L, M, N and O.

Delegations for L, M, N and O were upset with the decision, but understand they fought this off for as long as they could.

“We’re proud of how long we were able to compete,” representatives for M said in a statement. “But we need to adapt to the changing times, and elemeno fits more with present day.”

Alphabet officials have said citizens will, too, need to adapt when spelling words. For example, the word “luck” will now be spelled “Elemenouck” and the word land will be spelled “elemenoaelemenod.” Words like “calmness” may be a harder adjustment, as it will be spelled “caelemenoelemenoelemenoess.”

Discussions may begin soon about adding “next time won’t you sing with me” after Z.