A local man is ready to tank the good mood he built up all day with an evening full of cable news, including both Fox and CNN.

James Narmer, 42, is going to start with alternating between Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow, before moving on to Chris Cuomo after. After having what was a great day so far, he hopes his mood is completely tanked by listening to demagogues shout.

“I can’t wait to be so fucking pissed” Narmer said. “I work hard everyday to put food on the table, pay for my kids’ school and then unwind with split-screening shouting matches, partisan spin and strategically selected news clips taken out of context.”

“Going to bed a little more angry and a little dumber each day makes me appreciate the rest of the day more.”

Just before going to sleep, Narmer plans to do a quick scan of both Vox and Breitbart.