President Donald Trump repeated warnings Thursday of antifa members throwing soup, as he himself dodgers piping hot, home-cooked bowls of minestrone, tomato bisque and more.

“This is what they do, they throw soups,” Trump told reporters as he wiped chicken and noodles off his shoulder. “They make the soups – they don’t care what season, could be summer, fall, winter – it’s always soup season for an-ti-fa, let me tell you. They make these soups, they don’t eat the soups. Great soups, hot soups, the hottest soups. Minestrone, tomato bisque, clam chowder. These are great soups. I know soups. We had plenty of soups at Trump Tower Grill in my hotels, Lots of cream soups, lots of hearty soups. Cream of mushroom. French onion. Chili. Great soups. But antifa, they throw them at people. And the media they see these antifa folks walking around with bowls of chicken tortilla – that’s Mexican – and they say ‘where are you going with that?’ and antifa, they lie, they say ‘just eating soup.’ And then they throw the soup and the media is silent. It’s disgraceful really. Soup everywhere and the fake news media says nothing. What a disgrace.”

The President has responded with a indefinite ban on soup sales, with the exception of Trump Soups and Goya Beans, which he says are “kind of a soup.”