the following is a reader submission written to the Hamster:

Boomers, we need to talk.

You need get woke and understand that we’re not just a bunch of VSCO girls out here, we’re a generation that is facing real issues that are your fault. I still have to share HBO Go with my ex so that I can afford brunch every week, and my parents had to pay my rent last month. Do you even know how humiliating that is?

I am super underpaid at my job, which is dumb because I’m drowning in student debt. All of that time and money on my “Pottery of Sub-Saharan Women” degree and I’m like, an hourly employee. I have to get up every day by 8:00 to get there on time and I’m usually only 20 minutes late or whatever so I’m super exhausted and my boss doesn’t appreciate me. My Dad had to call and talk to her so maybe I won’t have to quit but I probably will as soon as my TikTok takes off.

You have no idea how hard we struggle and, on behalf of millennials, we’re sorry we’re not sorry.