Movie goers across the country were surprised and a little confused Friday after seeing ‘It: Chapter Two’ and learning that a game of Bozo Buckets took up a hefty majority of the plot line.

For about 45 minutes mid film, the scene switches to a 1980s WGN studio and a game of Bozo Buckets with Bozo the Clown. The inclusion of the long scene makes little sense and does not follow the rest of the story, but the film’s director Andrés Muschietti said he doesn’t understand people’s confusion.

“People knew this would be a film about a clown,” Muschietti said. “I don’t know why anyone is surprised. It’s a tale of a clown. Any other assumptions the viewer makes is on them.”

Viewers were equally perplexed in the final 15 minutes when the action cut to Krusty the Clown introducing Itchy and Scratchy.