A local man is miraculously unscathed after being struck by a Jeep this afternoon, thanks to his double masks.

Scott Norvin, 32, was hit by a Jeep as he was looking at his phone instead of the walk sign when crossing the street early Monday. The Jeep – which sped off after the incident – was traveling as fast as 74 mph, speed cameras show. Still, Norvin was left with out a scratch thanks to his wise decision to wear two masks.

“I’m not lucky, I was just being responsible,” Norvin told the Hamster. “Everyone needs to double, triple mask up. I got shot the other day and didn’t even notice because the bullet bounced off my face shield.”

Norvin said he is planning to wear additional face masks now to continue to compensate for his otherwise reckless lifestyle. The Hamster would like to remind everyone to wear a mask, but also to look both ways before crossing the street.