Welcome to 2022!
In order to ensure that we leave negativity, ickiness, and the word “cheugy” in 2021, the Hamster has gazed into a crystal ball.

Here are the resolutions we’ve determined each sign should make.

Pisces – Drink any amount of water.
Taurus – Retain a skill.
Gemini –  Achieve a body weight of something.
Aries – Identify a hobby you might like to have later.
Virgo – Go near a gym.
Cancer – Think about how helpful a budget could be.
Leo – Get an amount of sleep.
Sagittarius – Think about how much you’d like to travel.
Aquarius – Be present for 3 to 5 moments.
Libra – Eat a vegetable.
Capricorn – Stare at a screen while spending time with your family.
Scorpio – Put your phone down while asleep