A Pennsylvania family expressed their frustration Thursday after being told by the Easter Bunny his arrival time would be somewhere “between 9-1” but noncommittal as to when specifically.

The Harrington family of Allentown said it’s going to be difficult to plan their day with such a large, vague window.

“He just expects us to sit on our hands for him all morning and into the afternoon,” said Linda Harrington, the mother of three now-impatient children. “We can’t plan brunch. We can’t plan dinner. We have no idea when to go to Mass. It’s rude, really.”

It was a shared sentiment throughout the family.

“Good thing we don’t count on him to fix our cable or install a fridge,” Linda’s husband Russell added.

The Easter Bunny would not provide much comment, other than saying he has several appointments to make throughout the day and can’t be counted on to arrive at specific times.