A local company is hyping its office reopening with the promise that employees will get to wear jeans on select Fridays, a move the company hopes will dispel the prevailing idea that it doesn’t need to go back to the office.

InsurTech LLC is asking employees to return to their cubicles full time in March, despite two years of increased productivity and happiness remote. An anonymous employee survey showed that most were hoping to stay remote, but InsurTech is hoping a small prize – jeans – will change that.

“We understand coming back to the office will be a big adjustment for some,” a company wide email read. “So we are offering several perks as part of our reopening. These include, and are limited to, brand new Dunkin K cups, an extra flexible half vacation day to be used before May 31, and – what we are most excited about – select jean Fridays. Get ready for every other Friday in June!”

The company added that these perks are in lieu of a pay raise. As of Thursday afternoon, three employees have quit with an additional 27 declining comment on their futures.