As Michael Bloomberg surges in the polls, information has come to light that Bloomberg made many racist statements in the past, but with an important detail left out.

Before Democratic primary voters could defect to another candidate, Bloomberg issued a statement making it clear he said those things while he was a Republican and has been instantly forgiven.

“Listen, it’s not about what I said then or what I think now about those people, it’s about what my political affiliation was when I said it,” the former New York mayor said. “Do I think stop and frisk was a good idea? Do I think people who don’t look like me are lazy criminals? Those are the wrong questions to be asking. I said those things when I was a Republican, and that’s what we need to focus on here. Even if I was a Democrat when I said it, I’m not sure what videos are out there right now, it was the Republican part of me talking. So let’s just move forward.”

Velvet Hamster will keep a close eye on the polls, where he is expected to gain an extra 5-7 points after issuing this statement.