By Amelia Hamilton

Welcome to Are We Doomed? The weekly column in which I take a look at recent news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here.

Why not?

If the Loch Ness monster is going to appear, it’s going to be in 2020. So, maybe this latest sighting is real.

Verdict: It’s hard to say. Maybe it’s a friendly monster. Maybe it’s just a photoshop. Or a fish. Time will tell if we are to be doomed by this beastie.

Support your team

You can’t go see your team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them anyway.

Verdict: Finding ways around the current craziness to support your team and enjoy the things you love is always good. No doom here.

Didn’t we just do this?

Interesting news, everybody. There’s a new flu-like virus in China with “pandemic potential.”

Verdict: If we weren’t doomed by this one, maybe we won’t be doomed by the next one, either.

Election Update

We honestly should have seen this coming.

Verdict: This is another one that can’t be determined just yet. What’s his platform? How many votes would he get? Having something shake up the electoral process is pretty un-doomed, though.


Meet Michelle. She Is making lasagnes for front-line workers, their families, and others in need during COVID. Just so people have a nice, home-cooked meal.

Verdict: People helping people is what it’s all about. Michelle is keeping the doom away.

In the final analysis…There’s a lot yet to be determined, but that means that we’re not doomed…yet.

Want to know if your situation is doomed? Write and tell me about whats going on and Ill let you know what you can do to keep the doom at bay (unless its just totally doomed, in which case Ill tell you that, too). You can tweet me @ameliahammy using #AskAmHam, message me through my Facebook page, or e-mail Let me help!