By Amelia Hamilton

Welcome to Are We Doomed? The weekly column in which I take a look at recent news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here.

Corona Generosity

Things are upside down since the Coronavirus hit, and people are struggling. Still, other people are happy to help. Take acting powerspouses Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. They’ve waived April rent for their tenants, a decision they called a “no-brainer.”

Lots of other celebs are making donations.

Regular old non-celebrities are also helping. Like this group Invisible Hands in New York City, which has volunteers provide free and safe grocery delivery to those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

Colonial Williamsburg, which has a special place in my heart, is helping small businesses by waiving their rent and other fees, too.

The PGA was preparing to welcome more than 200,000 people for the Player’s Championship in March. When that was cancelled, they still had food for all of those people. So, they made sure it helped their local community.

Verdict: Times are tough, there’s no question. It’s nice to see people willing to help each other out and makes me think we aren’t doomed. Also, to ensure a lack of doom for our future, get yourself and your family to Colonial Williamsburg when it reopens.

A Show of Gratitude

It’s nice to see people being grateful. Everyone in healthcare is working so hard right now, and this got me in the feels.

Let’s remember that “everyone the healthcare” isn’t just the doctors and nurses. How about a thank you for the cleaning staff doing a really hard job?

My friend Ellen and I tweeted that we were going to send some comfort food to the ICU team at NY Presbyterian, where our friend’s sister works. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who chipped in and have decided to thank medical workers in a few more cities that are being hit hard. So, we’re doing it again! Chip in or share if you’re so inclined.

Verdict: These are selfless people, and seeing them recognized and appreciated is a big deal. As long as we’re grateful, we can stave off the doom.


The Mayor of Houston is telling criminals to “take a break” and “chill” until coronavirus is over, which is definitely how crime works.

Meanwhile, police in Seattle are saying that you should call 911 if you hear “racist name calling” even if you aren’t sure it’s a hate crime.

Verdict: Two really dumb approaches to law enforcement right here. Good job, guys. We’re doomed for sure.

Supplying Hope

Medical professionals on the front lines are running out of necessities, but philanthropists and businesses have stepped up to help fill that gap. Sheldon Adelson, for example, sourced two million masks and sent them to hospitals around the country.

SmileDirectClub is now using their 3D printers to make medical supplies as well as their regular products- devices to straighten teeth.

Mike Lindell, the man behind My Pillow, said he would have his factories make 50,000 masks. People were extremely upset about this because Mike Lindell is a Republican who likes Jesus.

Not so long ago, Lindell was addicted to drugs, broke, and in the middle of divorce. He’s now clean and sober, running an incredibly successful business, and giving back to the community. He is a story of hope and redemption that everyone should love.

Check out some other great reactions here.

Verdict: Businesses changing up the way they do things to help people (frequently meaning taking a financial loss) is a good thing. We shouldn’t care what their politics are. It should be a way to connect us, not divide us further. We are on the right track doom-wise with people willing to help, but people using it to spread hate and division are definitely out to doom us.

Imagine Being This Miserable

In California, an engineer deliberately drove a train off the tracks in an attempt to smash into the Navy Ship Mercy. Yes, the same Mercy you’ve been hearing about on the news. A hospital ship that’s helping people. Apparently, he thinks it’s not really a hospital ship. OK, then.

Verdict: We’re pretty doomed. Just let people help!

I Do Want it That Way!

The Backstreet Boys took to their living rooms for a remote concert.

This is my hand-washing song, so it was extra meaningful for me.

Verdict: Watching people have fun and entertain their fans while we’re all going through something hard undooms some of the doom that has been doomed.

At Least We Have Dogs

A little girl in Alabama went missing for two days. When she was found, she was just fine and her hound dog was at her side.

If you don’t have a dog, now is a good time.

Just remember – dogs can’t drive.

Verdict: If we all endeavored to deserve dogs, this world would be a wonderful place. As it is, he saved this little one from doom.

One Day More

I don’t know how many days more we actually have, but this family makes “One Day More” a whole lot more fun than the original.

Verdict: One thing I’ve really enjoyed about this weirdness through which we are living is the creativity and family time we’ve seen. This is a great example. Things are difficult right now, but the human spirit is not going to take it lying down. Why? Because we refuse to accept doom.


This is the first specialty coin of 2020?

Bats actually have us in a little bit of trouble right now, if you hadn’t noticed.

Verdict: Doomed by idiocy.

Dolly is Queen

She’s putting her money on the table.

She’s also putting her time and love out there. She’s going to read a bedtime story from her Imagination Library every single night in her “Bedtime With Dolly” program.

Verdict: The world does not deserve Dolly, but she’s probably the only thing standing between us and doom right now.

The Only Acceptable TikTok Dance

I’m getting rull tired of TikTok dances, but I will allow this. In fact, I endorse it.

Verdict: I love that Jack Black is always unashamedly himself. If more people were like that, we wouldn’t even be able to find the doom.

Will You Chose Hope?

An early Van Gogh was recently stolen from a gallery in Amsterdam. My friend Billy wrote about it at his art blog, taking a look at the painting in question. One can look at the painting and see doom and gloom, or one can look at it and see the signs of hope. In this global crisis, what are you choosing to see?

Verdict: You’re only as doomed as you choose to be. As for me, I choose to see the hope ahead.

In the final analysis…Things are looking bleak out there, there’s no question. However, look past that and you’ll see people caring for each other, building community, and strengthening ties with their families. There’s no question coronavirus is horrible and is wreaking havoc, but there is still too much good to overlook. It will outweigh the doom.

Want to know if your situation is doomed? Write and tell me about what’s going on and I’ll let you know what you can do to keep the doom at bay (unless it’s just totally doomed, in which case I’ll tell you that, too). You can tweet me @ameliahammy using #AskAmHam, message me through my Facebook page, or e-mail Let me help!