By Amelia Hamilton

Welcome to Are We Doomed? The weekly column in which I take a look at recent news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here.

 You had one job

The Indianapolis Library Services Center needed a little help directing traffic, so they decided to paint directions on the parking lot. Only…

Verdict: At least they have a sense of humor about it, but what a mess. We’re probably doomed, but a sense of humor could save us. Maybe. It’s possible. 

Seal of approval

In Chile, a 2-ton elephant seal got disoriented after coming ashore and, instead of going back into the ocean, it wandered into the suburbs. The locals got together and directed it back to its aquatic safe space.

Verdict: Help those in need (human, seal, whatever), and the doom will wash away.

Come on

We don’t need this!

Verdict: We’re probably doomed, yeah.

Strike a paws

As you know, dogs make everything better. They’re so pure. Even when they’re derpy. Especially when they’re derpy. 

Then again, sometimes they are camera-ready.

Verdict: If we evade the doom, it’s because of dogs.

Want to know if your situation is doomed? Write and tell me about whats going on and Ill let you know what you can do to keep the doom at bay (unless its just totally doomed, in which case Ill tell you that, too). You can tweet me @ameliahammy using #AskAmHam, message me through my Facebook page, or e-mail Let me help!