The United States and its allies around the world announced new sanctions on Russia, including drawing a crippling big ass line around the country on maps, seperating it from the rest of the world.

President Joe Biden announced he had conferred with other world leaders Tuesday and together they agreed upon these devastating new sanctions. In addition to economic moves, the crippling giant big ass line drawn around Russia will have significant effects.

“We will not let Putin go any further,” Biden said Tuesday. “That’s why we took this Sharpie here, we took a map and we took the cap off and then we said no. And drew this thick big ass line all over the map. All around the border. Even messed up a couple times and took part of Estonia, but we don’t care. That’s how much we say no.”

President Vladmir Putin has not responded yet, but foreign policy analysts have suggested he may use white out to get rid of the line.