As states across the country begin to shed their mask mandates, one local eatery is still being strict to its customers, as it is mandating all patrons wear pants.

The Kitchen Tavern Bar & Grill Eatery is enforcing a strict “no pants, no service” rule even as it no longer requires customers to wear masks. This has sparked an outcry on social media as many are labeling the restaurant as “fascist” for its “dystopian” rules.

“I go pantsless all the time and it’s perfectly fine,” IronPATRIOT177669 tweeted Tuesday. “Yesterday I marched through Home Depot and Chick-fil-A pantsless and no one got hurt. Pants are tyranny. Let our balls free.!!!.”

Even with the outrage, the restaurant hasn’t seen much of a dip in business as many are still willing to wear pants indoors.