President Donald Trump has promised world leaders that his Trump National Doral Miami resort will be perfect for the next G7 summit, so long as they all sit through a short timeshare presentation.

“Look, I’m not saying they have to buy anything,” Trump said to reporters Monday. “They just have to sit there and listen for two, three hours max. We have the best deals, the best. We’ll have lots of information, the best information possible. I think they’ll be really impressed, quite frankly, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to buy something. Again, they don’t have to. No one is making them. The fake news, they’re going to say ‘oh look Trump is going to profit.’ But that’s simply not true. They will all love their stay and if they’d like to buy property or have a wedding hosted there then great. If not, they’ll still have a great time at the best golf course and resort in America everyone agrees. They say it’s the best, the best. So I think we should have the G7 there.”

Trump also added sitting through the timeshare comes with a significant discount, and a free dessert coupon at Trump Tower Grill.