President Donald Trump may be on pace to surpass former President Barack Obama’s 333 rounds of golf during his presidency, but historians note that he would still be well short of avid golfer and eighth President Martin Van Buren’s 1,759 rounds of golf during his lone term in office.

It’s a little known fact that Van Buren played golf eight times a week during his short presidency – especially since the first golf course in the U.S. did not reportedly open until later that century. But in any event, it will be a mark hard for Trump or any future president to top.

“If Van Buren was known for three things, it’s the panic of 1837, the Amistad case and his terrific short game on the golf course,” Van Buren’s official biography reads. “Also his season eight mention in Seinfeld.”

Historians have also said the athletic prowess of many other former presidents is overlooked. They note that while Obama was known for his love of playing and watching basketball, James Polk still has what’s considered the best midrange jumper of any president in U.S. history.