Former President Donald Trump introduced a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of all those who forgot their Facebook password, against the aforesaid tech giant, as well as Twitter, Google, MySpace and Xanga.

The former president held a press conference late Wednesday morning to announce the lawsuit, and slammed Big Tech repeatedly in his remarks.

“We’re filing this class action suit for all those sick of the canceling, the censorship, the ‘that password is incorrect’, all the disgraceful actions by Big Tech,” Trump said. “You go to Facebook you go to type in your password, it says it’s ‘no good.’ No good? It’s MAGA69, it’s always been MAGA69 and Facebook says you changed it four months ago. I don’t remember changing, who changed it? So you have to get a code. They love sending the codes. I don’t want these codes. Who asked for a code? But you get the codes and then you type it in and you gotta make a new password, you got to reset, they call it resetting. So OK now all of a sudden I’m MAGA69!. Now I have to remember the exclamation mark. Who’s going to remember the exclamation mark? It’s a disgrace, what they’re doing. And that’s why we’re filing this lawsuit, and you know what, we’re gonna win.”

Legal analysis shows that while this is a problem many can sympathize with, Trump does not have much ground to stand on.