President Donald Trump has finally completed his long sought after acquisition of Greenland by trading Georgia and Nevada to Denmark.

Some opponents of the president thought the timing of the deal was suspicious, but he assured reporters it was a total coincidence.

“Total coincidence, complete coincidence,” Trump said Wednesday. “This is a fantastic deal. Greenland – we like green, right? Green New Deal. Green Party, Howie Hawkins. Green Eggs and Ham, that book. Kids read that. But we like green. We all like green. This acquisition of Greenland as our 51st state will do many good things: Jobs, economy, Big Ten. So many good things, tremendous things. The fake news media, they don’t want to focus on that. All they talk about is ‘oh Trump traded Georgia and Nevada to Denmark.’ We didn’t need those states anyway. We have dozens more. Better states too, like Florida. We love Florida. And we love green.”

Democrats are hoping to stop the trade of the two states.