President Donald Trump is at a crossroads on how to feel about the New York Times’ digital paywall, the White House said this morning, due to his distaste for the press and affinity for walls.

The White House said Trump went to the New York Times’ website this morning to “check on the fake news” and “maybe check out some of their Yankees’ coverage, I don’t know” and was greeted by the paywall. While angry at first, he respected the effectiveness of the wall, which encouraged him to leave the website and instead check Twitter for news.

“I hate the dishonest fake news media,” Trump told advisors at a morning meeting. “But I love walls. This is a toughie, believe me. Believe me.”

Trump reportedly canceled much of his afternoon schedule to mull this one over, hoping to come to a conclusion on what to tweet about this by about 4 p.m. or so.