President Donald Trump announced Monday he is awarding Congressman Devin Nunes the Trumpy Award for being the Trumpiest Trumpeter in the nation of Trump.

The White House praised Nunes for his Trumpiness in Trumpeting Trump in the face of adversity, such as the Russia Hoax and the Clinton funded Steele Dossier. These scandals, the president said, were the worst scandals and worst things to ever happen to any person, place or thing.

“These were the worst scandals this country has ever seen,” Trump said Monday. “Scandals like we’ve never seen before. They were disgraceful. One scandal after another, all hoaxes, phony investigations. In 2016 I won big – and I won big again in 2020, just like in 2016 – but in 2016 they said Russa, Russia, Russia. They did phony investigations and I did nothing wrong. I acted perfectly. You ask anyone they say ‘Trump acted perfectly.’ Devin Nunes – he really is terrific, isn’t he – he knew I acted perfectly. The Democrats, they said no and they wanted to investigate a phone call. A phone call? Can you believe that? And the Russia hoax. Now we have another phony election, another hoax. They stole the election, folks, and people are furious. They’re furious about lockdowns, big tech, Big Ten. We brought Big Ten back and then Ohio State makes the national title game, interesting how that works and we get no credit. No credit. But Devin Nunes, he gets the Trump Award.”

Nunes is the first recipient of the Trump Award and may very well be the last.