‘The Apprentice’ kicked off its quadrennial fan convention Monday in Charlotte, with the star of the hit series Donald Trump riding an elephant into a mostly empty arena before attacking rumored future host “sleepy” Joe Biden.

Fans of the show – which has been a huge ratings hit the last four years – cheered for Trump to continue hosting. A decision will be made in the fall.

“You see these ratings,” Trump said to the dozens of attendees, shortly after jumping off his elephant. “Sky high ratings. Fox, fake news CNN, all the channels. People say they’ve never seen ratings so high. Biden? He’s got no enthusiasm. I call him ‘sleepy Joe.’ No enthusiasm. And he wants to host ‘The Apprentice.’ He wants to host ‘The Apprentice’ with no enthusiasm. I say ‘not so fast. Nu-uh.'”

The Hamster will have updates on ‘The Apprentice’ fan convention throughout the week.