President Donald Trump wasted no time Thursday in firing off a tweeting calling new Democratic Presidential contender Joe Biden “sleepy Joe.” But the Hamster has learned several nicknames were workshopped beforehand, including “Jaculiferous Joe” and “Breviloquence Biden”

“Jaculiferous!” Trump reportedly exclaimed while pointing to a page in his Webster’s Dictionary. “Having dart-like spines. Adjective, Zoology. That works, trust me. What’s an adjective anyway? No one knows what these adjectives are. People tell me all the time Donald what’s an adjective and I say, ‘let’s just focus on nouns people, we don’t need all these adjectives.’ So we’re going with Jaculiferous.”

Advisers were successful in talking Trump out of Jaculiferous and later Breviloquence by pointing out that Biden seems tired often. Trump apparently got a kick out of “sleepy Joe” though he toyed with “jambalaya Joe” for unclear reasons.