A new report on climate change shows that a diet centered on pumpkin spice babies could help save the planet at least through the fall, until the seasonal flavors change.

The report follows comments made by a citizen at a town hall hosted by Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The concerned citizen in the audience said it was time to “eat the babies” because the planet might only have a few months left. Several restaurants and stores – from Starbucks to 7/11 – have since introduced versions of pumpkin spice babies to help combat climate change.

“We feel this is our best way to do our part to help fight climate change,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said. “Paper straws weren’t enough. Pumpkin spice babies will truly save the planet, at least until the winter.”

Many locations are already selling out of the babies, which come in tall, grande, venti and toddler.