Self-described economist Paul Krugman is urging folks not to believe a conspiracy that your neighbor got a new job – a potentially manufactured right-wing plot.

This is after the May unemployment numbers came in better than expected. Krugman said not to believe it if you see your neighbor going to an alleged new job or if he tells you he recently found employment, as it might be a conspiracy by the Trump administration.

“This being the Trump era, you can’t completely discount the possibility that your neighbor getting a new job is completely a hoax,” Krugman tweeted Friday. “It’s possible they’ve gotten to your neighbor and a local employer, tricked them both into believing it’s wise to enter into an agreement for labor, tricked your neighbor into getting paid and then tricked them into reporting that to the government for these new unemployment numbers.”

“You can never be too sure.”

The Hamster – lacking in Nobel Prizes like Krugman – cannot confirm.