President Joe Biden was reportedly heard remarking again on his patriotic duty to wear a mask, this time in the White House bathtub while he took his daily soak.

Biden has been seeing constantly wearing his mask in situations where science says it’s not needed – around other vaccinated people, on Zoom calls and now in the tub. While many are pointing out Biden does not need to wear a mask in the tub, he insists he’s trying to set a good example.

“You need to do this, it’s your patriotic duty,” Biden was heard saying, in part because the bathroom door was wide open. “Patriotic duty. Patriotic duty. This thing, this saves the world. You get your mask, your loofah, your rubber ducky. You scrub, and you’re saving lives. C’mon man.”

The CDC has yet to comment on bathtub safety, other than recommending not to drown, which the mask does not help with.