Everyone’s favorite helper, Hamburger Helper, made a powerful statement Tuesday following the guilty verdict against police officer Derek Chauvin.

Many brands came out to applaud the murder convictions, but none were as strong as Hamburger Helper. The Betty Crocker boxed dinner unequivocally stood against racial injustice and called for comprehensive police reforms.

“One pound, one pan, one justice,” Hamburger Helper said in a statement. “But we have work to do. We need to overhaul the way we police our communities, and we need to stand for the least fortunate among us – all while making dinner in under 20 minutes.”

The company added that the best ways to fight injustice were by donating to non-profits fighting for racial equality, or by trying their ‘delicious double cheeseburger macaroni from your local grocery store today.’ The Hamster is independently verifying the latter.