While it’s unclear what, Americans are pretty sure someone or something is to blame for this, as many point at high gas prices.

Gas is as high as $6 a gallon and could be soon reaching all-time records, experts say. Many reasons have been given – the war in Ukraine, our dependency on foreign oil, monetary policy, policies from the Biden administration, policies from the Trump administration, policies from the Van Buren administration etc. But whatever anyone’s opinion, Americans agree: Someone or something is to blame.

“All I know is this is someone’s fault,” a local gas station patron told the Hamster. “Or something. It might be the cause of a thing. Maybe some people involved. But there’s a reason why this is bad, and I’m mad at whatever that is. He or it sucks.”

The issuing of blame is the most Americans have been united on a topic in sometime, with 98% agreeing this is someone or something’s fault. Once getting into specific reasons, few agree.