After his abrupt departure from the network Monday, an unprepared MSNBC has decided it will just go ahead and CGI Chris Matthews into future broadcasts.

The network did not have a plan in place when Matthews decided to retire, but choosing to CGI him will allow the network to continue ‘Hardball’ as well as have Matthews’ insight on other broadcasts despite him no longer working for the network.

“How do you replace Chris Matthews? You can’t,” said Phil Griffin, network president. “But you can recreate him, using cutting edge technology. We have years and years of Matthews’ soundbites we can piece together to have computerized version of himself continuing to do what he did best. Viewers won’t be able to tell the difference.”

The alternative plan, Griffin said, was to have Steve Kornacki point at maps for the entirety of Matthews’ old timeslot. That still may be considered for a future show.