While a $120,000 banana taped to a wall at an art exhibit is getting a lot of attention, a local man who has long decorated his home with bananas on his walls is feeling slighted and wishing he cashed in on it early.

Roy Burrows, 39, liked the look of bananas and plantains on his walls and saw a sale on duct tape sometime in the summer of 2014. The idea came naturally to him, but he regrets not letting people know.

“I thought people would think I was weird if they knew I was taping bananas all over my walls,” Burrows said. “I didn’t invite anyone over for 5 years. But it turns out, I should have cashed in.”

Burrows put some of his wall bananas on eBay now, but the mystique has worn off a bit since news of the famous wall banana “The Comedian” broke. Potential buyers were also turned off by the fruit flies all over Burrows’ bananas.