In a wide-ranging and sometimes confusing interview with Axios, President Donald Trump insisted he has coronavirus under control, proving it with a doodle he quickly made in crayon.

“Look at this chart,” Trump said to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan. “Just look at it. We’re first. We’re doing the best. Test, test, test. Then I went pew, pew, pew. And killed coronavirus. No one ever talks about that. I call them ‘fake news.’ We’re doing all these tests, and people say well you test too much. And I say but we’re doing tremendous. Tremendous. Other countries, spikes, but we are flattened. People are dying but OK. They want to focus on deaths but what about what we’ve done? Great things. Great things. People say they can’t believe all the great things and that we’ve really been treated badly. It’s disgraceful really.”

Swan followed up with the question “what?” to which Trump replied “listen, people don’t want to cover that. You know that, Jonathan, you know that. Look at all these crayons I have. Red, red orange, blue, blue green, tickle me pink, violet.”

Swan eventually felt the need to change the subject. The Hamster has requested similar access to the president but has not yet been granted permission.