Many on the left were shocked and outraged Wednesday after learning of NBC’s decision to give President Donald Trump free airtime for roughly 11 years and 14 seasons.

Trump’s presidential challenger Joe Biden has a town hall on ABC scheduled to air Thursday night as an alternative to the now-canceled presidential debate. NBC announced that it would do the same with Trump, as well as give him a show from 2004-2015, let him host Saturday Night Live and be a guest on the Tonight Show. #BoycottNBC began trending shortly after the news broke.

“I can’t believe this,” one tweet from @BLUEWAVE69420 read, “we are weeks out from the most important election of our lifetime and NBC has the gall to give the fascist in chief his own show for more than a decade? #BoycottNBC”

“Enough with the GOP/Putin water carrying from networks like NBC,” another tweet from RESISTOrangeman42069 read, “How can they give this guy a game show? Do they not care that millions are dead from COVID?”

With both the Trump and Biden town halls on at the same time, the Hamster will have no choice but to watch neither.