Actor and professional wrestler John Cena has apologized to the Chinese Communist Party for Tank Man’s prominent role in the new Fast & Furious 9.

Chinese leaders were angered to learn Tank Man had such a prominent role in the new film alongside Cena, though the actor was quick to apologize on Hollywood’s behalf. Cena issued a video statement in Chinese Thursday.

“I made a critical mistake,” Cena said, translated. “I shouldn’t have have stared in a movie alongside a figure that we’re supposed to be censoring. I hope the Chinese people still go see this movie and make us a lot of money. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure this movie is a success in China, and we will make it up to you in the next 37 sequels. Please continue to own our debt.”

The film is now being edited to remove Tank Man and be replaced with more vroom vroom and explosions.