Presidential candidate Joe Biden released the following statement on today’s holiday:

Whether you play racquetball or not, Billie Jean King is a lesbian and that’s something. I’m celebrating and today is the day for that celebration. It’s Billie Jean King Day for the gays and the straights and I think it’s just terrific that nobody has to go to work except the working stiffs that I’m working to represent. Unlike Bernie Sanders, I know a woman can win a woman’s event, and she doesn’t have to kiss other women to do it, but sure don’t mind watching when they do. Back in the 60s when I was a lifeguard, I used to know a couple of lesbians at the pool. I think they were lesbians at least. Well, I was always nice to them because I’ve always believed that what people do is their business and I thought they’d maybe make it my business if I played my cards right.

So, happy Billie Jean King Day; it’s an honor to celebrate this leader in equality and squash.