In a bombshell third day of the Senate impeachment trail, President Donald Trump’s legal team grilled Congressman Adam Schiff on his ability to recall key facts, greatly hurting his credibility.

Lionel Hutz: Now Mr. Schiff, if that is your real name.
Have you ever forgotten anything?
Schiff: No. In fact I can recite pi to 40,000 places.
And the last digit is 1.
Trump: Mmm… pie.
Hutz: Well if you never forget anything. Tell me this. What color tie am I wearing? [turns around]
Schiff: You are wearing a red and white club tie in a half-windsor knot.
Hutz: Oh, I am, am I? Is that what you think? Well if that’s what you think, I have something to tell you [ugh]. Something which may shock and discredit you [ugh]. And that thing is as follows [as he finally undoes the whole tie]. I’m not wearing a tie at all. [jury gasps]
Schiff: If I am wrong about that. Maybe I am wrong about Mr. Trump.

The Hamster will continue to update the impeachment proceedings as they develop each day, but things certainly look good for Trump after that exchange.