President Donald Trump – infected with COVID-19 – was heard yelling to “get China out of his system” before trying to kill virus with light, per his own advice.

“Get out of me, China!” Trump was heard yelling. “This virus. I call it the China Virus. First of all, it’s not that deadly. Deaths, numbers they keep doing down. You look at graphs and they’re all going down. It’s tremendous really. And by the way, I have an incredible immune system. Doctors said to me in checkups ‘wow this is an incredible immune system.’ They’ve never seen anything like it. I’ll be fine. Believe me. I might even be stronger. You kill it with light, the China Virus. So I am putting light in my body, but quite frankly even without it I’d be fine with the shape I’m in. Sleepy Joe wouldn’t survive this, that’s what people are saying. Did you see him at the debate? Everyone said I won, I destroyed him. I felt bad for him really. I beat him and Chris Wallace, who was really unfair. Really unfair. But I use this light, and it kills the virus.”

Trump has reportedly been walking around the White House all day with a light bulb in his mouth.