Processing criticism of their news coverage over the years, Fox News Channel executives are considering sticking truer to their brand name and original purpose by focusing more on covering foxes.

Since the channel’s inception in 1996, it’s steered further and further away from covering foxes and more toward conservative political commentary. The first major sign of the switch was when the channel replaced Gray Fox Tonight with Glenn Beck in 2009, and also shed its mascot Frankie the News Fox with a more traditional logo. The network has said it won’t necessarily shed itself of its current on-air personalities, but their commentary may soon be more centered on the happenings of foxes.

“We’ll still have Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and the like” Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott told the Hamster. “But you’ll see them discuss the dietary niches of Tibetan sand foxes more so than Hillary’s emails.”

Scott could not confirm whether or not the move is official or when it would take place, but she added that competitors in the mainstream press rarely cover foxes, and when they do there is an obvious liberal bent.