Chief Medical Advisor to the president and frequent guy on CNN Dr. Anthony Fauci is releasing a new tell-all book about his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, top among them revealing that he is in fact a reptilian.

Fauci’s new book ‘Expect the Unexpected’ discusses his leadership decisions and the search for ‘truth’ during the pandemic, focusing mainly on the truth that he is not a human and is actually a reptile. While Fauci writes at length about how many key moments he faced in the past year, a hefty majority of the book centers around the fact that he is part of a reptoid conspiracy to control the planet and most other national leaders are in on it.

“The science is clear,” Fauci wrote in the third chapter of his book. “Myself, President Biden, former President Trump. We are all a form of lizard that is manipulating the way you all think, feel and act. This has been the case for centuries. It’s time you all wake up to the fact that you are helpless to reptilian rule. Also, so, during the fifth month of the pandemic I was invited on Colbert. That was a fun interview. Another reptilian.”

At the risk of sounding anti-science, the Hamster is looking into verify his claims.