President Donald Trump reportedly quipped to his campaign staff Wednesday that the election is pretty much “in the bag” after he stayed up all night crafting the new “Joe Hiden” nickname.

Trump was said to have rejected other potential nicknames such as “Hiden Biden,” “Joe Never Comes out of his Basement” and “Even Sleepier Than Before Joe.” Once he landed on “Joe Hiden,” he knew he struck gold.

“That’s it folks, the election is in the bag,” Trump said to his campaign team. “I probably don’t even need to do any more rallies. But the people like the rallies, they do. You’ve seen our numbers, right? Tremendous crowds. Crowds like they’ve never seen. And the media lies about it, but they’re tremendous crowds. Biden – I call him “Joe Hiden” – he can’t get crowds like that. And the Democrats think this is their best candidate? It’s unbelievable what they’re doing, and with the looting and rioting. Disgraceful. But anyway, I think we’ve got this in the bag, I really do.”

Biden has yet to counterstrike with a nickname of his own, but plenty of words rhyme with “Trump.”