A disgraced Rudy Giuliani is forced to take down his numerous billboard advertisements in and around New York City after his law license was suspended this week.

Giuliani – well known in the city for his catchy ads promising help with personal injury law and impeachment proceedings – has been a fixture on local TV, billboards and bus stop benches for decades. But after a well-documented case defending a New York real estate mogul went awry, his law future is in jeopardy.

“Get hurt at work? It shouldn’t hurt to miss work or get impeached for your work. That’s what my business was all about,” Giuliani told the Hamster. “I’ll be back, I am going to continue fighting on behalf of those who want to make personal injury claims against their places of work – factories, offices, the United States Senate. I’m your man.”

For the time being, Giuliani’s commercials on public access television are still running in their usual 4 a.m. time slot.