The Des Moines Register has take a strong and inspiring stand against charitable giving, effectively dissuading do-gooders from doing good in the future. 

The paper’s efforts started when 24-year-old Iowa Football fan Carson King attended a game holding a sign saying indicating he needed more Busch Light and asking that viewers send money to his Venmo account. It went viral and, with matching donations from Venmo and Anheuser-Busch, he quickly raised a million dollars. 

This led people everyone to wonder – but did he quote anything stupid when he was 16? 

Fortunately, the Des Moines Register’s ace reporter Aaron Calvin exposed the truth about Carson King and, now, people will think twice before helping those in need unchecked.

In doing a profile on King’s altruism, Calvin did what any good reporter would do and searched his social media history to see if he quoted Daniel Tosh saying anything offensive as a teenager. Now, Anheuser-Busch knows to cancel all future promotions involving King beyond their promise to match donations through the end of the month. It’s frightening, the Register said in a statement, how Anheuser-Busch was almost forced to continue raising money for a children’s hospital. 

“We are so thankful to be able to save this company from making charitable donations in association with a person who said a bad thing a couple times,” the paper’s statement said. “This is real journalism. This is why local news matters. Our team will soon start looking into who might be donating to the Red Cross, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or dare we say Toys for Tots.”

The paper’s editorial board released an op-ed in accordance Wednesday, pointing out the need to eradicate unchecked charity.