Disgraced soon-to-be former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been stripped of his Emmy award, as well as his Tony award and his prized MTV Video Music Award, all three academies announced Tuesday.

Cuomo was originally given the International Emmy Founders Award “for effective communication and leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic” last year. He was also given a Tony Award for how “musical his press conferences were to many people’s ears” and an MTV Video Music Award for those very press conferences. After numerous sexual harassment complaints, the revelation that he fudged COVID death numbers for which his policies were responsible, and just being an all around terrible person, he is no longer the recipient of those awards.

“While we were impressed with Cuomo’s accomplishment’s in video music last year, we can not in good faith allow this honor to stand,” MTV said in a statement. “In light of everything, we thought it would be best to take this award away and not consider Cuomo for future video music awards.”

There is no word yet on if Cuomo will be allowed to keep his Heisman Trophy.